Brian Gath

When my family moved to the Cincinnati area, we chose where to live based on the school district.  Once we decided on Sycamore, we didn’t know there was much of a difference between the communities – we bought the first home that that met our needs. After living in this area we are so glad we ended up in Blue Ash.

I love Blue Ash and what it offers my family.  From amenities and city services to its diversity and great neighbors we have, there isn’t a better community in the region.

It didn’t become a great community by accident.  Previous leaders worked hard to make our community thrive not just then but for years to come.  As a member of the city council, I work hard to continue in their example.

Nobody can know what decisions the City Council will face in the future. However, I promise to work to always:

  • be a servant leader for our ward,
  • treat everyone with civility and compassion,
  • listen to the people in our ward and deliberately seek out input on projects that will affect particular neighborhoods, and
  • do what is best for the long term without concern for political partisanism.

I am for a walkable, sustainable, and fiscally responsible community for all residents.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  My email address and cell phone number are at the top of this page.

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