Council Sets Public Hearing for The Blue

The Blue development project at the corner of Cooper and Kenwood Roads is progressing. At their meeting last week, the Planning Commission approved the initial concept of a Planned Unit Development for the site. The City Council has scheduled a public hearing for 7:05 PM on Thursday, August 14th. To see the application submitted to the Planning Commission and learn more about the next steps of the process read more.

Process for Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Because of the types of uses planned for the BLUE, the site requires a special type of zoning called a Planned Unit Development or PUD. The steps to successfully obtain a PUD include:

  • Review and approval from the Planning Commission of a Concept Development Plan.
  • Public Hearing
  • Approval of the Concept Development Plan by City Council
  • Review and approval of the final plan by the Planning Commission

If the Planning Commission chooses they can approve a final plan themselves or they can send it on to City Council for a final approval.

Initial Concept Plan

The Concept Development Plan submitted to the Planning Commission consists of three files:

Next Steps

The City Council has scheduled a public hearing where residents can make comments about the proposal for 7:05 PM, Thursday, August 11. I encourage you to come and share your thoughts. The most helpful comments share both what you like and what you may want to see changed about the proposal. Informed comments that speak specifically to portions of the Concept Development Plan will likely have more impact. I expect that the City Council will consider (vote on) the Concept Development Plan at their meeting that follows the public hearing.

If you have any questions you are welcome to reach out to me. This is my first time reading a traffic study and I don’t claim to be an expert. (I have a lot of work to do before August 11 to understand the information provided.). If I can’t answer your question, I’ll either find the answer or direct you to someone else.

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